St Michael, Whichford

St Michael Church in Whichford is within the Archdeaconry of Warwick in the Diocese of Coventry.

The parish church dates back to Norman times.  Founded circa 1120-1150 by William de Mohun and Agnes his wife.  The church is now dedicated to St Michael but according to a will in 1484 the dedication at that time was to St Peter and St Paul.

Inside the porch is a recumbent stone figure, with much speculation but little fact as to its origin.   Once inside the church, the fine gothic proportions reflect the importance of the wool trade in the area that funded the building and alterations in earlier centuries. 

The chancel was refitted by the Victorians and is entered through a Woodyer screen.   At the west end, alterations in 2004 provided facilities to hold meetings, catering, work with children’s groups and a place for quiet contemplation in the upper room behind the balcony, where the St. Peter window allows views of  sheep grazing in the field beyond the churchyard



Rector Rev'd Stuart Allen 01608 684207
Pioneer Minister Revd. Ben Dyson  
Church Warden Julia Melvin  
Website http://www.swarks7.org.uk/page46.html



Service Details

1st Sunday (10.30am)- Morning Prayer
2nd Sunday (9am) - Holy Communion - BCP
3rd Sunday (10.30am) - Family Service
4th Sunday (9am) - Holy Communion - BCP
5th Sunday (10.30am) - United Benefice Service at one of the 7 churches
Mondays(9am) - Prayers
Last Wednesday of the month (10am) - Holy Communion - BCP