Shipston Deanery Mission Statement

Shipston Deanery is a deeply rural area in South Warwickshire, populated by about 15,500 humans along with countless sheep, cattle, pigs and horses. They occupy one market town (Shipston), and nearly thirty villages and hamlets, with population ranging from below 100 to just over 1000.  Almost all of these have functioning places of worship, and are supported by communities who celebrate the love of God shown in Jesus Christ, and his involvement in every aspect of our day to day lives. Our churches are living, breathing spaces where we hope that people will have their eyes opened to the glory of God, where they will be surrounded by His peace, and discover what it is to be touched and transformed by God.
More than that, though, we want them to be place where you will meet God’s people, throughout this Deanery, who are committed to doing three things:

  • Worshipping God, in our lives as well as in our churches
  • Making new disciples, as we share with those we meet the wonder of a life with the Living God,
  • Transforming communities – having an impact on the challenges and problems around us, and making a difference to the communities in which we live. The area may be beautiful, but that hides just as much loneliness, poverty, abuse and need as anywhere else.

Members of our churches are dedicated to loving God and to loving others, to sharing the news of our Lord Jesus Christ with others, and to exploring what it means to be a Christian today. As a Deanery we aim to support and encourage each other as we discover together this wonderful journey of life in Christ.