St Mary, Pillerton Hersey with Pillerton Priors

St Mary in Pillarton Hersey is within the Archdeaconry of Warwick in the Diocese of Coventry.

The Church of St Mary the Virgin at Pillerton Hersey serves both parishes, as Pillerton Priors' Church of St Mary Magdalen was burnt down in 1666 - the same year as the "Great Fire of London".

Despite this tragedy the churchyard is still consecrated and in use, and a service is held there once a year, normally on the Sunday nearest St Mary Magdalen's Day, 22nd July.

A simple, gracious country church with green tinged glazed windows casting a wonderful light onto the simple whitewashed walls. Looking up to the medieval roof – which is over 500 years old – you will see beautiful carvings of flowers and leaves.

In summertime the church is open during daylight hours and in winter open only at weekends



Priest in Charge Vacant  
Associate Minister Revd John Horton  
Church Warden James Kerr  
Church Warden Jennifer Lewthwaite  
Website http://www.pillertonhersey-pc.gov.uk/pillertonhersey-3309.cfm


Service Details

1st Sunday (8am) - Holy Communion - BCP
2nd Sunday (10.15am) - Morning Worship
3rd Sunday (10am) - Holy Communion - CW
4th Sunday (11.15am) - Worship for all the Family
5th Sunday (10.30am) - Joint Service of Holy Communion (venue rotates)