Our Blessed Lady, Halford

Our Blessed Lady in Halford is within the Archdeaconry of Warwick in the Diocese of Coventry.

From the 13th Century until 1918 Halford Parish was part of the Diocese of Worcester but since then it has been in the Coventry Diocese. Between 1932 and 1974 the Parish was united with the neighbouring Newbold-on-Stour. Since then Halford has been an independent Parish and for some years shared its Priest in charge with Alderminster just up the road on the way to Stratford-upon-Avon. This was before the formation of the 'Stourdene' group of five Parishes in 1997, which brought Ettington, The Pillertons, and Butlers' Marston into the same group as Alderminster and Halford. 

The Church which is dedicated to Mary, the Mother of Jesus is well worth a visit with the South Chapel dedicated to St Thomas of Canterbury , Thomas a' Becket. There is a 14th Century Font with a 16th Century wooden cover, and the East window is of stained glass. 

The ancient bells are rung for practice on Wednesday evenings and at the regular Sunday morning services, weddings and funerals. Antique Fire hooks are displayed round the font remembering time when thatched roofs in the village may have had to be torn off in a fire to stop it spreading. 



Priest in Charge Vacant 01789 748137
HD Revd John Horton  
Church Warden Roger Pringle  
Church Warden Mike Lewis  
Website http://www.halfordparishcouncil.co.uk/church.aspx



Service Details

1st Sunday (10am) - Family Communion
2nd Sunday (8am) - Holy Communion - CW
3rd Sunday (10am) - Morning Worship
4th Sunday (8am) - Holy Communion - CW
5th Sunday (10.30am) - Joint Service of Holy Communion (venue rotates)