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Deanery Synod
The Deanery Synod held on Tuesday, February 7th, at 7.30pm at St. Edmund’s Church, Shipston, was very well attended. We were pleased to be able to welcome  Godfrey Armitage of the Diocesan Environmental Group, who spoke on the subject of ‘Eco Church’. Godfrey gave us evidence of the crisis we are facing ecologically, and also gave us hope in the things we could do as churches and individuals. Caring for our planet is not an option for Christians, it is a responsibility. For further information look into  Eco Church which is an A Rocha project.  Website is

The Deanery Synod held on Tuesday, June 6th 2017, was very well attended. We were welcomed to Ilmington Church of England Primary School by Headteacher Mrs Ryninks  and received very kind hospitality.

Jill welcomed our speaker for the evening – Alice Farnhill , Projects Officer for the Community of The Cross of Nails. Alice gave a fascinating talk about the history of the Community which was founded by Canon Kenyon Wright in 1974, after the bombing of Coventry Cathedral in 1940 when Provost Howard first gave us the words, ‘Father Forgive’. It was pointed out these poignant words do not attribute blame.

There are now communities across the world. Germany is particularly passionate about the community, where the icon of the crossed nails is well recognised. The communities are all rooted in the Christian faith, but are also present in non church organisations such as schools.

The community aims to foster a culture of peace, living with difference, celebrating diversity and healing the wounds of history. Reconciliation is at the heart of the work. Reconciliation which is defined by Archbishop Justin Welby as ‘ Peaceful, creative disagreement which is passionate, not destructive’.

Jill asked how others, for example other schools, could get involved. Alice replied that anyone getting in touch with her office at St Michael’s House will be given as much help as needed. Rev’d Chris Goble ( Chair of Governors at Ilmington C of E School), added that  Ilmington School was awarded Icon status i.e. became a Cross of Nails School, as a result of the work they were already doing jointly with All Saints C of E School in Coventry.

Shipston Deanery Mission Statement

Shipston Deanery is a deeply rural area in South Warwickshire, populated by about 15,500 humans along with countless sheep, cattle, pigs and horses. They occupy one market town (Shipston), and nearly thirty villages and hamlets, with population ranging from below 100 to just over 1000.  Almost all of these have functioning places of worship, and are supported by communities who celebrate the love of God shown in Jesus Christ, and his involvement in every aspect of our day to day lives. Our churches are living, breathing spaces where we hope that people will have their eyes opened to the glory of God, where they will be surrounded by His peace, and discover what it is to be touched and transformed by God.
More than that, though, we want them to be place where you will meet God’s people, throughout this Deanery, who are committed to doing three things:

Members of our churches are dedicated to loving God and to loving others, to sharing the news of our Lord Jesus Christ with others, and to exploring what it means to be a Christian today. As a Deanery we aim to support and encourage each other as we discover together this wonderful journey of life in Christ.

Revd. Dr. Jill Tucker,  Rural Dean


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